SSBR was formed out of a group of business schools to form a dedicated online higher education institution offering Swiss quality degrees at all levels, bachelors, masters and doctorates.

Our founders and senior management team have worked at the highest level in dozens of universities and business schools worldwide. Having seen so many injustices, poor treatment of students, low quality education, high prices etc SSBR was formed to produce a better studying environment without the petty control restrictions of so many universities at a very economical price.

The vast experience of our staff and faculty have gained over the years has shown SSBR what is needed to produce a superior learning experience for our students. SSBR is dedicated to giving this superior education to all our students.

We aim to create and maintain high expectations for our students and faculty. Our students are not only our customers, but our partners and our researchers. By being honest and flexible to our customer needs we have created programs that are thorough, relevant and add value to our students’ careers.

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