A Joyous Commencement: Overcoming Challenges Together

As we gather for this momentous occasion, it’s essential to recognize the unique path and the hurdles overcome by today’s graduates. Despite unexpected setbacks such as medical issues, global strikes, and visa complications that unfortunately hindered the presence of some, the spirit of celebration remains unscathed. It’s a time to honor both the graduates in attendance and those who couldn’t make it physically but are with us in spirit.

 Saluting the Pandemic-era Students and International Progress

Starting an educational journey amid a pandemic is a testament to the resilience and optimistic foresight of the students. This unwavering commitment to education during a time of global uncertainty is truly commendable. Moreover, the school’s achievements in advancing Swiss education worldwide are worth applauding. With a diverse assembly of people from continents across the globe and faculty from various nationalities, the school has indeed lived up to its mission of providing an international educational platform.

Embracing Diversity and Striving for Potential

The institution prides itself on its inclusivity, uniting people of all religions, ages, and backgrounds in the pursuit of personal and academic excellence. The aim is to help everyone reach their fullest potential, and today, we celebrate a few shining examples of this pursuit. Our collective admiration and thoughts also go out to graduates from countries experiencing conflicts, who continue to look towards a brighter future.

A New Vision for Education: The Customer-centric Approach

Dr. Stephen Harrison, the visionary behind this new educational paradigm, addresses the audience, sharing the rationale behind the inception of SSBR. The institution, by treating students as customers, focuses deeply on satisfaction and adaptability – an ethos that traditional universities often overlook. As an online school, SSBR faces the unique challenge of catering to students across various time zones, reinforcing the need for flexibility rather than stringent rules.

 The Three Pillars of SSBR: Admin Staff, Faculty, and Students

SSBR thrives on the collective efforts and roles of its administrative staff, distinguished faculty, and, most importantly, its students. The administrative team ensures smooth enrollment and payment processes. The faculty boasts experienced professionals from various fields, inspiring students towards greatness. Nevertheless, it is the student body that forms the core of SSBR’s identity, driving the institution’s success and upholding its values.

Alumni Insights: The Power of Knowledge and Making a Difference

Dr. Paula Smith reminds us that knowledge alone doesn’t entail power; it’s the application that matters. Drawing from her experiences and advocating action, she inspires the graduates to take charge and make a positive impact in the world. Emphasizing that the journey of learning never truly ends, Dr. Smith challenges everyone to ponder on their ability to inspire, effect change, and improve their surroundings.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Pursuing a PhD

Dr. Anthony Kearns shares his personal journey through his PhD, citing’The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly’ as a befitting metaphor. With unwavering support from the institution and his family, Dr. Kearns tackled the ups and downs of his studies, ultimately encouraging everyone to follow their passions, seize opportunities, and make the most of their lives. 

Celebrating Achievements and Looking to the Future

As we move forward to the diploma presentation, each graduate’s name is called with enthusiasm, and the ceremonial handover of diplomas solidifies their academic achievements. Dr. Steve Malin takes this opportunity to reflect on the history of universities and reaffirms SSBR’s commitment to being an accessible platform for learning, ready to disrupt the traditional norms of higher education.

In conclusion, SSBR’s graduation ceremony was not only a celebration of the graduates’ accomplishments but also a testament to the school’s innovative and inclusive approach to education. Here’s to the Class of 2022, the trailblazers and inspirational figures for future generations, as they move forward towards their next adventure.

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