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Dixon, T. Corporate Social Responsibility, the Triple Bottom Line, Standardization and Brand Management in Houston, Texas. 43 pages. 
Dominguez, R., Martins, G. (2017). Knowledge Management Process: a theoretical-conceptual research. São Carlos. Gest. Productions. 17 pages.
Ford/General Motors/Chrysler. (1995). Advanced Product Quality and Control Plan. 130 pages.
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Gonzalez, R., Martins, M. (2017) Knowledge Management Process: a theoretical-conceptual research. 18 pages.
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Hogan, J. (2014) The People side of Project Management. 1st edition. 60 pages.
Hong Kong University. (2019) Human Resources Management. Creative-Commons. 481 pages
Human Resource Management. The Practice of Human Resource Management. 22 pages.
ICWAI FOR J.A.O. Management Accounting. 304 pages.
Ivanko, S. (2013) Organizational Behavior. 288 pages.
Koen,C. (2005). Comparative International Management. McGraw-Hill. 588 pages
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Kumar, S., Suresh, N. (2006) Production and Operations Management : With Skill Development, Caselets and Cases. 2nd Edition. 284 pages.
Lalonde, J. Leadership is Dangerous. Avoiding 4 Traps every leader will face.  17 pages. 
MCA. Management Consultancy. 30th Edition. 45 pages.
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Newton, P. (2016) Project Management Processes: Project Skills. 1st edition. 51 pages.
Nash, R. An Overview Based on Crosby’s Zero Defects Programme. Total Quality Management. 36 pages.
Paramasivan,C. Subramanian, S. (2018) Financial Management. New Age International. 280 pages
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Redelman, G. (2012) Resume Secrets Exposed. Bookboon. 44 pages.
Richards, G. Kogan Page. (2014). The Warehouse of The Future. 4 pages.
Robertson, F., Johnson, E. (1987) Radiotelephony Communication
 for Pilots. Airspeak. 212 pages.
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The Saylor Foundation. Applications ahead of Theory. 1603 pages.
The Saylor Foundation. Managerial Accounting. 972 pages.
The Saylor Foundation. Introduction to Principles of Management. 646 pages.
Thornton, P. (2011) Sports Law. 837 pages.
Vallini, C. (2007) Ethics in Management Consulting. 14 pages. 
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Weerasinghe, M., Weerasooriya, W. (2019) 3rd International Conference on Library and Information Management. 389 pages.
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Baker, H. B2B PR Blog. 31 PR Tactics That Make For Memorable Campaigns. 11 pages 
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Brisk, P. (2011) Creating your CV as a self marketing tool. Bookboon. 118 pages.
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