With this recent announcement, comes this exciting news about a major agreement
signed between SSBR  and the venerable Narxoz University in Almaty.
Swiss School of Business Research (SSBR) an online business school and Narxoz University (NU), Graduate Business School based in Almaty, Kazakhstan, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to promote digital literacy in the country.

In accordance with the Agreement, Swiss School of Business Research undertakes
to provide Narxoz University with services for the organization and delivery of the
field module “Strategy of Digital Transformation of Organization” for the students in
their MBA and EMBA programs.

Speaking after the signing, The Dean of SSBR Dr Stephen Harrison said the
partnership will enable the two organisations to leverage international perspectives in
digital strategies and impart knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that will have far-
reaching changes in the education sector.

It is a great pleasure to partner with open-minded organisations such as Narxoz
University with whom we have a shared vision and an appreciation of the role that
technology can and should play in the overall education process. Both SSBR and
NU are at the forefront of developing and rolling out cutting edge digital solutions that will transform the way education is delivered resulting in an enhanced learning
environment that offers competitive advantage in the workforce for the young people
of Kazakhstan” he said.

The two organisations will leverage each other’s strengths to ensure a successful
joint venture delivering uncompromised standards and techniques in teaching and
learning. It is planned that SSBR will deliver various courses to Narxoz students
starting with a module “Strategy of Digital Transformation of Organization” for the
students in the MBA and EMBA programmes.

This partnership will create the infrastructure and skills not only for the digital
learning but design, build and manufacture a myriad of technologies in future
creating indigenous digital solutions for a myriad of applications in education and
beyond that will be deployed around the continent.

Swiss School of Business Research brings a wealth of experience from its directors
and professors who represent 100s of years of experience working in higher
education institutions all around the world.

SSBR’s online programs have been developed by very experienced academic staff,
learning from some of the most highly rated courses and universities and business
schools in the world. SSBR bring experience, quality and innovation to offer
programs that with boost student’s careers or your businesses.

According to Dr Harrison “This collaboration will enable students from the Almaty
university to receive a more broad, international outlook on the digital world, linking
ideas across continents”.


About Swiss School of Business Research


     Swiss School of Business Research

Swiss School of Business Research is a Swiss accredited higher education
institution based in Zurich, Switzerland offering Bachelor’s, Masters and Doctorate

Switzerland is known for having one of the best educational systems in the world. In
particular, its academic and scientific knowledge is of paramount importance and
many of Swiss academics figure among the most cited scholars in the world.
SSBR was founded on this basis of delivering this excellence.

SSBR is focused on innovating and updating executive education techniques – From
teaching methods, course curriculum and workshops to fully digital educational
environment Kenyatta University has a cutting edge over other universities due to
their emphasis on practical hands-on knowledge and the skills training imparted to
both students and the larger international community.

About Narxoz University

Narxoz University was founded in 1963 in an era of grandiose plans, large-scale
reforms and great achievements.The history of the formation of Narxoz traces the entire process of the origin and development of the system of higher economic education in Kazakhstan. The university became the Alma-Mater for several generations of successful economists, financiers, managers, and businessmen. Having won respect and recognition at the earliest stage of its existence, after half a century, the University adheres to highstandards of work and strives for new outstanding achievements.

In the new Millennium Narxoz began a new life. In 2002 the University went through
the process of corporatization and was one of the first Kazakhstani universities to
adopt a strategic planning tool. The new approach to management is driven by the
need for rapid and flexible adaptation to constantly changing market demands and
rapid response to environmental challenges.

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