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We use cookies to facilitate the use of our website. Cookies are small text files stored by your browser on your device. They allow us to better understand how our users navigate through our website and help them during the process of navigation showing the information of interest.
The cookies we use do not store any personal data, pursuant to the organic law of protection of data, or any information that can identify you. If you don’t want these cookies to be used, you can configure your Internet browser to erase them from your computer’s disk drive, block them or warn you before they’re installed. To continue without changing your current preferences, simply continue on to our website.

The types of cookies that we use:

These cookies allow us to know if you have previously visited our site or, for example, your default city.
The loss of the information stored in a cookie for preferences can make the experience of the website less functional, but should not affect its operation.

Processes cookies allow the website to function and provide services expected by the user that accesses the web site, such as, browsing through web pages or access to the website safe areas. Without these cookies, the web site may not function properly.

Session state
These cookies keep the necessary information during the session and the changes associated with it, and also determine if you are registered or not in the web.

Google Analytics is a tool which primarily lets website owners know how users interact with their websites. They also enable cookies on the site domain you’re visiting and use a collective set of data to gather information anonymously and prepare reports regarding trends on those websites, all without identifying individual users.

Advertising cookies
SSBR Swiss School of Business Research uses the remarketing function with Google Analytics to publish online ads and banners. SSBR Swiss School of Business Research and other providers, including Google, use their own cookies and third-party cookies together to inform, optimise and publish ads based on user’s previous visits to the website.
Other providers, including Google, publish SSBR Swiss School of Business Research banners on other websites.

If you do not want to allow the use of cookies on our web site, please follow these instructions:

Click on “Internet Options” in the “Tools” menu and then select the “Privacy” tab. Select the desired setting and click on the advanced settings button. Activate the “Override automatic cookie handling” box. Select the “Accept” or “Block” option.

Click on “Tools > Options” in the menu bar and select the “Privacy” tab. Depending on the browser version you are using, select or deselect “Accept cookies from sites” or “Tell sites that I do not want to be tracked”. Any cookies installed can be removed by clicking on the “remove individual cookies” option.

Click on “Tools > Settings”, and then select the tab “Privacy > Content settings”. After selecting the option “Show advanced options”, select the desired cookie setting. If you do not want cookies to be installed, you may select the option “Block third-party cookies and site data”.

Click on “Tools > Preferences” and select the “Security” tab. Under the heading “Accept cookies” choose “Always” or “Never”. If you have an iPhone, you must go to “Settings > Safari” and then select whether you do or do not want to accept cookies.
As these procedures are subject to updating or modification by the developers of browsers, we cannot guarantee that the above procedures will always match the most recent version of your browser.

For any questions or further assistance, contact us at:
SSBR Swiss School of Business Research
Address: Nüschelerstrasse 31, 8001, Zurich, Switzerland
Tel: +41 445125996

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