In the realm of academia, a question lingers: Which degree commands greater respect, the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)? Join us as we delve into the nuances of these esteemed degrees and explore their respective contributions to knowledge and practice.

In the ever-evolving landscape of business education, two prominent degrees compete for recognition and prominence: the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and the revered Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Both titles command respect and curiosity, but what sets them apart? Join us as we navigate the corridors of academia and unravel the intricacies of these prestigious degrees.

Defining the Degrees:
1. DBA: Often referred to as the “practitioner’s PhD,” the DBA bridges the gap between theory and practice. It combines rigorous research with real-world application, serving as a compass for executives, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders, guiding them through the complexities of modern business.

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2. PhD: Rooted in centuries of scholarly tradition, the PhD represents mastery of a field. It is the pinnacle of intellectual pursuit—a journey fueled by curiosity, critical thinking, and original research. Think of it as a lighthouse illuminating uncharted waters of knowledge.

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The Quest for Knowledge:
1. DBA Journey: DBA candidates delve into business challenges armed with academic rigor. Their research aims to solve practical problems, enhance organizational strategies, and drive innovation. They act as navigators charting courses for sustainable success.
2. PhD Odyssey: PhD aspirants embark on an intellectual odyssey. Their voyage involves deep dives into theory, empirical analysis, and groundbreaking discoveries. They serve as cartographers, mapping the contours of knowledge.

Different Paths, Shared Goals:
1. DBA Focus: The DBA’s compass points towards actionable insights. It thrives on collaboration, case studies, and industry partnerships. DBA holders emerge as change agents, armed with evidence-based solutions.
2. PhD Essence: The PhD’s lighthouse beckons scholars to explore uncharted territories. It thrives on solitude, academic debates, and paradigm shifts. PhD holders emerge as thought leaders, shaping disciplines.

Disciplines Explored:
1. DBA Terrain: DBAs explore management, leadership, strategy, and organizational behavior. Their research informs boardrooms, startups, and multinational corporations. They serve as bridge builders between academia and the C-suite.
2. PhD Landscape: PhDs traverse diverse fields, including humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and beyond. Their contributions span literature, psychology, physics, and more. They act as custodians of knowledge, preserving and expanding it.

The Ultimate Question: Weight in the Business World?
1. DBA Impact: In boardrooms and corner offices, DBAs wield influence. Their actionable insights resonate with decision-makers. They are pragmatic visionaries, translating research into bottom-line results.
2. PhD Legacy: In lecture halls and research labs, PhDs shape minds. Their theories ripple through academia, policy, and innovation. They are torchbearers, igniting curiosity and pushing boundaries.

There is also a third option from Swiss School of Business Research for experienced business executives. The PhD by Portfolio. A PhD by portfolio can be completed within one year. The award enables candidates to obtain academic recognition for pre existing research, comprehensive research skills and subject knowledge that meets a doctoral level.

The PhD by portfolio programme is a fast track programme that takes place entirely ONLINE. Students can complete the programme within 1 academic year, to gain a Swiss quality doctorate degree. The programme has 240 ECTS (European Transfer Credit System).

Our PhD students are guided throughout the entire programme by a business mentor, working to complete 3 research-based projects.

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So, which degree holds more weight? The answer lies in your compass—your aspirations, context, and purpose. Whether you seek to steer organizations or unravel mysteries, both the DBA and PhD shine brightly in the academic constellation. Choose wisely, and may your voyage be rich with discovery. Explore the academic universe at SSBR Education—where degrees become constellations!

At the forefront of this pioneering approach to executive education is the Swiss School of Business Research, championing the PhD by Portfolio in Management. With a commitment to academic excellence and a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by senior professionals, the school is redefining the landscape of doctoral education. Through this innovative programme, SSBR provides a platform where business acumen and strategic leadership are not just learned but also academically celebrated, enabling executives to achieve a doctoral level qualification that mirrors the magnitude of their professional achievements.

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