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Are you a driven executive or an ambitious entrepreneur on the lookout for that career-defining leap? We’ve got news that will set your pulse racing! Introducing our groundbreaking 1-Year PhD programme designed exclusively for professionals like you.

This isn’t just any doctorate; it’s a PhD by Portfolio, revolutionising the way busy executives like yourself enhance their qualifications. Say goodbye to the traditional time-consuming PhD pathways and embrace a route that respects your time and your commitments.

Imagine leveraging your existing body of work and turning it into academic gold. This programme is tailor-made to recognise and elevate your prior achievements to doctoral status, all within one year. 📈

Why settle for the ordinary when you can stand out with a prestigious qualification that highlights your expertise and commitment to excellence? 🏆

Embrace the opportunity to: ✅ Gain a competitive edge in the corporate arena. ✅ Enhance your business acumen and leadership skills. ✅ Achieve your professional and personal goals, without pressing pause on your career.

And the best part? It’s more accessible than you think, with fees for a PhD starting at just 5,900 euros (conditions apply).

Transform your career trajectory and open doors to unparalleled opportunities. 🚪✨

Enquire today and step into the future you deserve with our 1-Year PhD by Portfolio. Because in the world of business, time is precious, and so are you. ⌛💼🔝

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Fast-Track to the Top: Discover the 1-Year PhD That’s Changing the Game for Busy Executives!

In a world where time is the ultimate currency, the traditional pathways to academic and professional excellence are being swiftly redefined. For ambitious executives and entrepreneurs, the prospect of dedicating years to pursuing a doctoral degree can seem daunting, if not impractical. This is where the innovative 1-Year PhD programme steps in, a game-changer designed to harmonise with the hectic schedules of today’s business leaders.

The Genesis of the 1-Year PhD Programme

The 1-Year PhD by Portfolio is not just an educational programme; it’s a recognition of your hard-earned expertise and a testament to your professional journey. Born out of the need to align academic pursuits with the rapid pace of business, this programme stands as a beacon for those looking to amplify their credentials without pressing pause on their careers.

How It’s Changing the Game

  1. Recognition of Prior Experience: Your years of industry experience are not just footnotes in your professional narrative. They are substantial chapters of research, learning, and leadership. This programme recognises and harnesses this wealth of knowledge, allowing you to curate a doctoral portfolio that reflects your real-world business acumen.
  2. Time Efficiency: The conventional route to a PhD can take upwards of three to five years, a timeline incompatible with the dynamism of executive life. The 1-Year PhD programme, in contrast, is tailored for efficiency. It allows you to weave your doctoral pursuits into your existing schedule, ensuring that your ascent to academic prominence is both swift and seamless.
  3. Remote Learning: Geographic constraints should not be a barrier to education. This programme is delivered remotely, offering you the flexibility to engage with coursework, faculty, and peers from anywhere in the world. Your office becomes your classroom; your business challenges, a part of your curriculum.

The Competitive Edge

In a landscape brimming with talent, standing out is paramount. A PhD by Portfolio is not just an academic achievement; it’s a professional lever:

  • Enhanced Credibility: This qualification serves as a hallmark of your expertise and dedication, positioning you as a thought leader in your industry.
  • Strategic Networking: Engage with a cohort of like-minded professionals and academics, expanding your professional network and opening doors to collaborative opportunities.
  • Skill Enhancement: Beyond recognising your existing skills, the programme challenges you to hone your research, critical thinking, and analytical prowess, equipping you with tools that transcend the confines of academia.

Investment and Returns

Starting at just 6,900 euros per year*, the ROI of a PhD programme extends beyond its cost-effectiveness. It’s an investment in your brand, an elevation of your professional stature, and a testament to your commitment to continuous growth.

In Conclusion

The 1-Year PhD by Portfolio is more than an educational programme; it’s a catalyst for transformation. It respects your time, recognises your achievements, and redefines what’s possible in your career journey. For those at the helm of business, looking to steer their trajectory towards uncharted territories of success, this fast-track PhD is the compass you need.

Embark on this journey, and redefine the zenith of your professional narrative. The fast track to the top awaits.

Swiss School of Business Research’s one year PhD by Portfolio programme.

The PhD by Portfolio offered by Swiss School of Business Research (SSBR) is an innovative method for attaining a
doctorate degree. It can be completed within one year, does not require research and allows professionals with decades of
experience to leverage their skills.  Candidates obtain academic recognition for pre-existing research, comprehensive research
skills and professional subject knowledge that meets a doctoral level.
The programme is completed remotely, suitable for experienced hard-working executives who cannot afford to take time away from work. Candidates must be able to prove at least 5 to 10 years strategic management experience.

Our PhD candidates are guided throughout the entire programme by an experienced Professors and Business Mentors, working to complete 3 research-based projects.

For more details see: https://ssbr-edu.ch/phd-by-portfolio/

or write to admissions@ssbr-edu.ch,

or call Whatsapp +41 77 422 73 73


*Conditions apply

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