our history

We are a New Institution with a Proud History.

Our directors and faculty have worked for some of the most important business schools in Europe. Our professors are seasoned individuals with backgrounds from Harvard, LSE, ESADE, University of Exeter, Georgia State University, Open University (UK), Loughborough University of Technology, University of San Francisco, Universidad Latina, among others. Formed in June 2020 in Zurich, Switzerland, Swiss School of Business Research brings a wealth of experience from its directors and professors who represent 100s of years of experience working in higher education institutions all around the world.

Our online programs have been developed by our experienced academic staff, learning from some of the most highly rated courses and universities and business schools. We at SSBR bring experience, quality and innovation to offer programs that with boost your career or your business.

Higher Research is concerned as our central hub, supporting a sustained international activity, coordinating interactions with academic and professional services, as well as promoting the exchange and dissemination of knowledge.

We promote higher education, scientific research . We are open and collaborative, we are dedicated, passionate and hard working. The three main pillars of our school and the importance of its core activities — Research, Learning and teaching.

Our aim is to set the standard as the world-class Business School of the future by bringing together knowledge, research, and innovation to create solutions that few institutions have the depth and breadth to achieve.

We run Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate programs designed for students of all ages in a dynamic and ever changing and demanding world.

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