Discover the 1-Year PhD by Portfolio, an online, flexible programme for executives to achieve academic excellence without pausing their careers, blending professional experience with rigorous academia. Entirely online, it is designed for professionals who can’t afford to step away from their bustling careers.

In today’s fast-evolving business landscape, senior executives are continually seeking ways to enhance their strategic vision and leadership capabilities without stepping back from their pivotal roles. The PhD by Portfolio in Management emerges as a groundbreaking pathway, tailored specifically for high-achieving professionals aiming to enrich their expertise and strategic acumen within a compact timeframe. Here’s how this transformative programme is redefining the conventional doctoral journey, aligning seamlessly with the dynamic schedules of senior executives.


Understanding the PhD by Portfolio in Management

The PhD by Portfolio is not your traditional doctoral programme. It’s an avant-garde academic path that acknowledges and capitalises on your substantial professional achievements and prior research. This route is meticulously designed for seasoned executives who have amassed a wealth of knowledge, experience, and industry insights but lack the luxury of time to pursue conventional, extended academic engagements.


The Genesis of the Programme

Rooted in the philosophy of experiential learning and recognition of prior accomplishments, the PhD by Portfolio in Management is a testament to the fusion of academic rigour with real-world business prowess. The programme is structured to respect the demanding schedules of senior professionals, providing a platform where existing professional achievements are academically appraised and translated into a doctoral qualification.

Tailored Curriculum and Flexibility

The curriculum is not one-size-fits-all but is instead intricately tailored to resonate with your unique professional journey and area of expertise. This bespoke approach ensures that every aspect of your learning is directly applicable and immediately beneficial to your ongoing executive roles and responsibilities. The programme’s flexibility allows you to integrate your academic pursuits seamlessly with your professional life, ensuring that neither sphere is compromised.

Leveraging Professional Experience

One of the core tenets of the PhD by Portfolio is the recognition of your professional journey as a significant component of your doctoral research. Your real-world challenges, strategic decisions, and leadership experiences transcend beyond mere business scenarios, forming the bedrock of your doctoral research. This practical approach not only enriches your academic pursuit with real-life relevance but also imbues your professional practice with deeper insights and a fortified strategic framework.

The Path to Enrolment

Enrolling in the PhD by Portfolio begins with a thorough appraisal of your professional accomplishments and prior research. The process entails a meticulous review by an academic panel that specialises in aligning your professional expertise with the academic rigour of the programme. This initial assessment ensures that your journey is set on a foundation of clarity, relevance, and strategic alignment with your career objectives.

Navigating the Programme

Once enrolled, you embark on a structured yet flexible journey that encompasses critical analysis, strategic reflection, and the synthesis of your professional experiences within an academic framework. Regular interactions with a dedicated cohort of peers and seasoned academics enrich your journey, providing diverse perspectives and fostering a dynamic learning environment.

Mentorship and Support

A distinctive feature of the PhD by Portfolio is the personalised mentorship and support structure. Acknowledging the unique challenges faced by senior executives, the programme provides one-on-one guidance from seasoned academics and industry experts. This bespoke support ensures that your academic journey is not just a pursuit of a qualification but a transformative experience that elevates your strategic thinking and leadership prowess.

The Capstone Document – A Tapestry of Professional Mastery

The culmination of the PhD by Portfolio is your Capstone document – a comprehensive and reflective documentation of your professional journey, analysed and presented through an academic lens. This thesis is not just an academic document; it’s a testament to your strategic vision, leadership evolution, and the tangible impact you’ve made in your industry.

The Impact on Your Career

The attainment of a PhD by Portfolio in Management is a statement of your commitment to excellence, strategic foresight, and lifelong learning. It positions you not just as a leader in your industry but as a visionary who bridges the gap between academic theory and business reality. The programme not only amplifies your credentials but also enhances your strategic network, opening new avenues for collaboration, innovation, and thought leadership.

Embracing the Future

As the business world continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, the PhD by Portfolio stands as a beacon for senior executives aiming to navigate this dynamic landscape with academic depth, strategic insight, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. It’s more than a doctoral programme; it’s a transformative journey that redefines the zenith of your professional narrative.

In conclusion, the PhD by Portfolio in Management offers a robust, flexible, and profoundly relevant path to achieving a doctoral qualification within a year. It’s an invitation to senior executives to not just witness the future of executive education but to lead it, shape it, and redefine it.

At the forefront of this pioneering approach to executive education is the Swiss School of Business Research, championing the PhD by Portfolio in Management. With a commitment to academic excellence and a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by senior professionals, the school is redefining the landscape of doctoral education. Through this innovative programme, SSBR provides a platform where business acumen and strategic leadership are not just learned but also academically celebrated, enabling executives to achieve a doctoral level qualification that mirrors the magnitude of their professional achievements.




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