SSBR recently launched a brand new programme, PhD by Portfolio. The programme offers a creative and innovative pathway to a doctorate diploma which is accessible for those who have previously completed research and have a high level of experience.

As with all SSBR programmes, everything is completed remotely online and through a flexible learning schedule. 

One of our main aims is to provide opportunities for people to improve professional credentials whilst remaining in post at their current employment. 

Would you like more Doctors in your workforce? Could the SSBR PhD by portfolio programme feature as a training and development opportunity within your organisation? Let’s take a look at how to highlight your company’s achievements and get a PhD in the process, all within ONE YEAR! 

The importance of training in the workplace

Training and career development are among the top factors millennials use to rank the attractiveness of a job or company as a place to work. And 46 per cent of employees say their company’s training courses make them more likely to stay.

Unfortunately, most companies spend more money on coffee than educating their staff. If the goal is to have a high performing workforce, resources need to be allocated to developing employees. 

Reasons to incorporate training into your organisation

  1. Offering education to your employees reduces the turnover of staff.
  2. Training programmes can also help to prepare employees who are moving into higher roles and taking on more responsibilities in an organisation. These programmes will help them learn and practise the skills that are required to function effectively in their new positions.
  3. It shows employees they are valued. Implementing training programmes in the workplace will help employees feel like the company is invested in them. By continuing to teach your employees new skills and abilities, they will not just become better workers, they will feel like more productive members of the organisation. This will improve their morale as well as their workplace capabilities

How can SSBR help to meet your training requirements?

Swiss School of Business Research (SSBR) offers degrees from an accredited institution at bachelor, master and doctorate levels. From major corporations to small businesses, many industries and businesses have taken advantage of our executive education degree programmes.

By helping their employees become Doctors (PhD or DBA), or earn their MBAs, companies improve their corporate image and become a highly qualified workforce. 

Every company will identify loyal staff with the potential to be great leaders. Why not train them to obtain those leadership skills, as opposed to undertaking the long, arduous and expensive route of hiring new MBA or PhD professionals? 

Gaining in-house professionals will make a significant impact on a company’s success.

Our new PhD by Portfolio

A PhD by Portfolio will typically take one year. The award allows people who have not followed the traditional academic route towards a PhD to obtain academic recognition for the experience they already have and their ability to create new ways of thinking, being and doing at work.

This may include people entering higher education mid-career, especially in practice-based disciplines. One of the biggest appeals is that it can be completed in 12 months on a part-time basis. It can be much quicker to complete than a standard PhD, therefore the fees will be lower and it will be completed remotely, so is suitable for hard-working executives who cannot afford to take time away from work.

 Education to help your business

Staff training helps you improve your business functions. Your staff will learn key skills in the fundamental areas of business, which include:

  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Administration
  • Staff management

….to name but a few.

Because we are a highly experienced online institution, our flexible delivery allows training to fit into your company’s and employee’s schedules.

We would be glad to meet at your convenience and talk with you about partnering with SSBR to enhance your organisation’s knowledge, skills and productivity through our results-oriented training programmes and other services. Together we can gain the competitive edge needed in today’s global market as well as successfully integrate a highly trained workforce for your company’s profitability and quality.

Contact one of our friendly enquiries team if you have any queries about our new programme or how SSBR can help with your organisations’ training goals:

Email: info@ssbr-edu.ch

Insta: @swissschoolofbusinessresearch

Facebook: @swissschoolofbusinessresearch

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