Swiss School of Business Research (SSBR) has taken a bold step forward in promoting scholarly achievements and sharing knowledge with the launch of its online publishing house, SSBR Publishing. As the official publishing arm of SSBR, this new editorial venture aims to showcase the exceptional work of faculty and students while offering valuable resources to readers interested in the latest education trends, cutting-edge technologies, and practical business guides. If you’re passionate about sharing your academic expertise or seeking insightful publications, SSBR Publishing provides an opportunity to get involved and contribute to the growing knowledge base.

Diverse Publications for the Curious Mind:
SSBR Publishing offers a rich collection of books that delve into various subjects, ensuring a diverse range of interests are catered to. Whether you’re an enthusiast of the latest education trends or intrigued by emerging technologies like AI and chatGPT, you’ll find informative publications that explore these fascinating topics in-depth. These books serve as valuable resources for both students and professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of education and technology.

Comprehensive Guides to Achieving Academic Success:
In addition to covering the latest trends, SSBR Publishing provides detailed guides that assist readers in navigating their academic journeys. These guides are particularly beneficial for individuals aiming to acquire their degrees, including a Ph.D., in the most efficient and effective way possible, leveraging technology as a valuable tool. By offering insights, strategies, and best practices, these publications empower students to optimize their learning experiences, streamline their research efforts, and overcome obstacles encountered along the way.

Practical Business Guides for Entrepreneurial Minds:
SSBR Publishing recognizes the entrepreneurial spirit and offers business guides tailored to various fields with immense growth potential. If you’re aspiring to start your own business or expand your existing ventures, these publications provide valuable insights, industry-specific advice, and practical strategies to help you navigate the challenges and seize opportunities in today’s competitive business landscape. From marketing and finance to leadership and innovation, the business guides cover a wide range of topics to equip you with the knowledge needed for success.

Get Involved: Submit Your Publications
SSBR Publishing welcomes book submissions not only from faculty members but also from students and subscribers. If you have a publication you would like to contribute and have listed on the SSBR Publishing platform, seize this opportunity to showcase your expertise and make a lasting impact in your field. Submissions can be sent to academics@ssbr-edu.ch for review, and the editorial team will assess the potential value and alignment with the publishing house’s goals.

SSBR Publishing represents a significant milestone for the Swiss School of Business Research, providing a platform to highlight the outstanding work of its faculty and students while offering valuable resources to readers seeking knowledge in education trends, emerging technologies, and practical business guidance. With a commitment to academic excellence and a drive to empower authors, SSBR Publishing invites you to get involved by sharing your publications and contributing to the collective growth of knowledge. Explore the opportunities available and become part of this vibrant community dedicated to advancing education and fostering entrepreneurial success.


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