The team at SSBR is thrilled to announce the launch of our new programme PhD by Portfolio. Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting opportunity:

PhD by Portfolio Overview

  • The award allows people who haven’t followed the traditional academic route towards a PhD to obtain academic recognition for having undertaken and produced research, and developed their research skills and subject knowledge to doctoral level
  • This prospect is particularly attractive to anyone entering higher education in mid-career, especially in practice-based disciplines
  • One of the biggest advantages is that it can be completed in just one year
  • As it’s likely to be completed quicker than a standard PhD, course fees will be lower
  • It can be completed remotely, so is suitable for hard working executives who cannot afford to take time away from work

How is the PhD by Portfolio Structured?

The PhD by portfolio programme is a fast track programme that takes place entirely online. Students can complete the programme within 1 academic year, to gain a Swiss quality doctorate degree.

Our PhD students are guided throughout the entire programme by a business mentor, working to complete 3 research-based projects:

Project 1 – Leadership and Strategic Management (80 ECTS credits)

Project 2 – Problem Solving and Decision Making (80 ECTS credits)

Project 3 – Specialist Area (Finance, HR, Marketing, Management, Operations, Accounting) (80 ECTS credits)

* Projects are usually completed normally in 1 year but can be extended.

What are the learning outcomes?

  1. To demonstrate the knowledge of the most advanced frontiers of a field of work
  2. To evidence the most advanced and specialised skills and techniques including synthesis and evaluation, required to solve critical business problems and to extend or redefine professional practice
  3. To develop new ideas or processes at the forefront of work
  4. To deliver substantial authority, innovation, authority and professional integrity

Why choose a PhD By Portfolio?

  • You’ve already done the work, so why not gain the recognition you deserve
  • Break away from traditional academic boundaries
  • Produce useful outcomes for business, industry and society
  • The programme is 100% professionally focused on the community of practice 
  • It contributes to candidate’s profession and professional context
  • The course adopts a pragmatic approach
  • It can be studied on a part time basis. Candidates will have one to five years to complete the programme
  • Existing and previous projects are brought together to create a narrative that creates meaning for the profession
  • The focus is on ‘how to’ – improve, develop, create and build

SSBR empowers students to gain the competitive edge needed in today’s global market by delivering practical and professional degree programmes. Our professionally active faculty always ensure a relevant and real time insight into business operations. By choosing our PhD by portfolio programme, you will develop an extensive set of transferable skills and the tools to significantly improve business functions. It will also provide the opportunity to grow key skills in finance, sales, marketing, administration and staff management…to name but a few!

Get in touch with one enquires team to find out more:

Email: info@ssbr-edu.ch

Insta: @swissschoolofbusinessresearch

Facebook: @swissschoolofbusinessresearch

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