In the ever-evolving landscape of higher education, traditional paths are continually being complemented by innovative alternatives. Recognising the diverse nature of academic excellence and the changing needs of doctoral candidates, Swiss School of Business Research (SSBR) is proud to introduce a ground-breaking initiative: our Portfolio-Based PhD Program. This program is meticulously designed for those who seek a different route to academic success, one that does not involve the conventional dissertation.

A New Horizon in PhD Pursuits

Historically, the pursuit of a PhD has been synonymous with the creation of a dissertation – a substantial piece of original research that contributes new knowledge to a specific field. However, this traditional path may not align with the professional goals or learning styles of every student. In response to this, SSBR has crafted a program that acknowledges and harnesses the diverse strengths and career aspirations of our doctoral candidates.

What is the Portfolio-Based PhD Program?

Our Portfolio-Based PhD Program is a meticulously structured pathway that allows candidates to demonstrate their scholarly competence and innovative contributions through a variety of formats. Instead of focusing on a singular research project culminating in a dissertation, candidates compile a portfolio of works. This portfolio may include, but is not limited to:

  • Published research articles in peer-reviewed journals
  • Creative works with scholarly underpinning
  • Policy papers and reports
  • Patents or descriptions of inventions
  • Software development or technological innovations

Each element of the portfolio is accompanied by a reflective narrative, connecting the candidate’s work to an overarching theme and demonstrating its contribution to their field of study.

Why Choose a Portfolio-Based PhD?

  1. Diverse Evidence of Expertise: This program allows candidates to showcase their expertise and make a significant scholarly impact through various mediums that best suit their strengths and professional aspirations.
  2. Flexibility and Relevance: The portfolio approach provides the flexibility to explore multiple projects or creative endeavours that are more aligned with industry practices and contemporary challenges in the field.
  3. Interdisciplinary Opportunities: Candidates are encouraged to undertake projects that transcend traditional subject boundaries, fostering interdisciplinary research and collaboration.
  4. Enhanced Career Prospects: The tangible outcomes of the portfolio are often directly applicable to real-world scenarios, enhancing employability and opening diverse career pathways in academia, industry, and beyond.

Our Commitment to Support

At Swiss School of Business Research, we understand that embarking on this innovative journey requires robust support and guidance. Our dedicated faculty members are committed to providing mentorship and resources that align with the unique needs and goals of each candidate. From the inception of your ideas to the final compilation of your portfolio, we are here to ensure that your journey is marked by growth, discovery, and academic excellence.

Join Us on the Path Less Travelled

If you are eager to push the boundaries of traditional academic pursuits and chart your own unique course towards doctoral success, [University Name]’s Portfolio-Based PhD Program awaits you. Embrace the opportunity to make your mark in your field through a diverse range of scholarly works. No dissertation, no problem – your portfolio is your canvas, and the possibilities are boundless.

The PhD by Portfolio offered by Swiss School of Business Research (SSBR) is an innovative method for attaining a
doctorate degree. It can be completed within one year, does not require research and allows professionals with decades of
experience to leverage their skills.  Candidates obtain academic recognition for pre-existing research, comprehensive research
skills and professional subject knowledge that meets a doctoral level.
The programme is completed remotely, suitable for experienced hard-working executives who cannot afford to take time away from work.

Candidates must be able to prove at least 5 to 10 years strategic management experience.
Our PhD candidates are guided throughout the entire programme by an experienced Professors and Business Mentors, working to complete 3 research-based projects.

For more details see: https://ssbr-edu.ch/phd-by-portfolio/

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