Until very recently, online learning has struggled to compete with a campus learning experience. However, advances in computer software, better internet connectivity, and habitual online communications have collectively strengthened the recognition for studying digitally.

As the internet is now an everyday necessity, people are becoming increasingly confident and competent with the use of digital tools. Online programmes are surging in popularity and becoming not only accepted but valued by prospective employers.  

Here’s how online learning is taking education to the next level:

It’s accessible from everywhere in the world

A virtual classroom can be attended from anywhere, at any time as long as there is an internet connection. Both students and teachers are able to participate in their chosen location and contribute to an online class.

Students are no longer restricted by barriers such as affordability, visa requirements, or relocating to access an education programme of their choice.

It provides more of an interactive learning experience

Online learning is traditionally viewed as isolating but in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Firstly it breaks the traditional classroom dynamic of front row and back row seats, providing all class participants with a balanced learning experience. There’s no back seat in an online classroom, every student gets front-row access! Online learning has often proved that a student who’d take a back seat position, is now willing to share ideas and open up through tools such as ‘live chat’. 

The virtual classroom opens up opportunities for breakout groups, interactive class discussions and one to one meetings with professors and other peers, at the touch of a keyboard. 

Socialising via a screen or a device has been a way of life for younger generations for some time, it makes logical sense that a learning experience follows suit.

It increases confidence in using technology

Tech-savviness is one of the most sought after skills in the modern-day workplace. Studying online provides a safe space to learn and understand how to use digital platforms. Online study programmes are an opportunity to grow and develop knowledge and competence with technology, ready to enter a workplace feeling confident.

The variety of digital platforms out there can seem overwhelming at first, however digital skills are transferable skills, once understood and practised they can help to navigate any digital platform in the future.

It’s flexible – learn on your own schedule

Not everyone functions at their best at 9 in the morning! Some may be more proactive in the early hours, others might be night owls. Isn’t it better to work at a time when you can be most productive? The beauty of online studying is that you can work on a schedule that suits you.

Creating and adhering to a learning schedule will naturally demonstrate time management skills, which are desirable for today’s employers.

You can connect with professors and peers from across the globe

There’s no larger network than a digital network! Online study programmes open up access to anyone who shares an interest in similar subject areas, wherever they might be in the world. Currently, SSBR has students from 29 countries enrolled on programmes. Likewise, the faculty have collectively lived and worked in many different countries adding a layer of richness to the overall learning experience.

It’s not just about the theory and practises of a study programme, understanding people is a key skill to becoming accomplished all round.

It’s more affordable

Course fees are one thing but when adding travel, accommodation, textbooks, groceries, equipment and other contributing factors on top of that…budgeting becomes quite the task! Online programmes don’t have to account for daily running and building costs of a school or campus, therefore have the ability to pass cost savings directly on to students.

Studying for an online programme allows for more effective budgeting, the removal of stress from balancing finances and peace of mind to fully focus on studying.

It’s more creative 

Creativity is a skill that’s in high demand with employers and is directly associated with problem-solving and change management. Online learning provides a number of outlets for creative work to take place. With the world quite literally at your fingertips, there’s plenty of information available to inspire fresh ideas and new ways to get things done.

Why not submit work via making a film, mixing a track or vlogging? There’s an array of accessible, user-friendly software ready, willing and able to present yourself and your work with creative flair.

You can learn and work at the same time

Taking time out from work to further your education and career prospects is no longer a barrier by choosing to study online. If you’re willing to put in the hard work and effort, a flexible study programme can be completed around a part-time or full-time job. If successful, the dedication demonstrated in taking such proactive steps will speak volumes on a CV!

There has never been a better time to enrol on a flexible online programme. At SSBR our Bachelor, Master and Doctorate programmes are run entirely online, totally flexible and can be accessed from wherever you are in the world.

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