SSBR is proud to announce its collaboration with HOPE, helping refugees achieve their educational goals.


HOPE, which stands for Higher Opportunities for People through Education, is dedicated to providing equal access to education for all.


Millions of refugees around the world live with little hope of ever returning home. When resettlement or repatriation are not options, building a new life in the country of asylum offers a durable solution to their plight.


To address the need for refugees to be prepared to adapt to their host country, HOPE presents this project focused on giving these people a chance to improve their resume, learn new skills, and discover new hope when thinking about their future, attending the host country needs and opportunities.



HOPE was started as a way to provide access to education; education they can take with them and apply once they are relocated. It is our mission to provide training and certification that will improve their chances of obtaining a job and reintegrating back into society post-camp.


Swiss School of Business Research, Zurich (SSBR) will provide lessons, training and certifications to vulnerable populations with a focus on refugee communities. This is our attempt to help level the playing field by providing these communities with the opportunity to enhance their resumes, learn new skills, and discover new hopes that will help them establish their futures.


Access to education is a major concern for refugees world wide. According to the UNHCR, the percentage of refugees that have the chance to join higher education is only 3%. And according to the government of the United States, the percentage of them being employed is better and stands at an estimation of around 45% but that number is not even half of what it should be. Every individual has a right to access to education and employment and so they deserve to have a higher percentage to these metrics.


With HOPE, our main goal is to certify. We want to give the refugees a chance at reinstating their position in society and we do that by providing courses we believe will help them start a job. We plan on teaching math, computers and management, among other subjects, and give them certificates that enable them to work in that field.


HOPE: https://achancetohope.com/



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