Terms & Conditions


1. I agree to pay all fees for which I am liable, and have read and agree to abide by SSBR´s Student rules, policies, procedures and guidelines including the Student Fees, charges and refunds policies, which are available on the SSBR website

2. I agree to the refund policy which is available at www.ssbr-edu.ch.

3. I consent to information collected about me on this form being disclosed if authorised or required by law, and/orin certain circumstances the Swiss Government and/or designated authorities authorised by Swiss School of Business Research GmbH.

4. I declare that the information I have provided on this application form is true and complete and authorise SSBR to obtain further information required to complete enrolment.

5. I understand thatI cannot change my education provider during the first year of my course, except in limited circumstances, without a written letter of release from SSBR and an official offer of a place from another registered education provider.

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