In the world of academia, milestones are celebrated, but rarely do we delve into the personal journeys of the graduates who stand proudly at the threshold of their future. Today, we gather to celebrate the achievements of the graduating class of 2023 at the Swiss School of Business Research. Each graduate’s story is a testament to dedication, perseverance, and the pursuit of knowledge.

A Commitment to Academic Excellence

The Swiss School of Business Research has always stood for academic excellence and innovation. It fosters a culture that equips students with the tools to thrive in the dynamic world of business. Graduates are united by an online platform that transcends geographical boundaries, creating a diverse community of learners.

Dr. Harrison’s Vision and Leadership

Dr. Harrison’s leadership has propelled the Swiss School of Business Research to remarkable milestones. His unwavering commitment to academic rigor and intellectual curiosity has inspired students and faculty alike. Today’s celebration is not just about graduates; it’s a tribute to the faculty and staff who have guided and supported them.

Embracing Limitless Possibilities

As we celebrate the accomplishments of our graduates and the leadership of the Swiss School of Business Research, we are reminded of the limitless possibilities that await each of them. Armed with knowledge, skills, and determination, these graduates are ready to venture into the world.

The Professor’s Three Questions

Dr. Richard, in his address, posed three questions to graduates that shed light on the essence of research and learning. The answers revealed that research is about discovery, collaboration, and fun. It’s not just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about co-producing it and sharing it with the world.

The Power of Non-Linear Paths

Mirai Zaki’s story exemplifies the power of non-linear career paths. Her journey from medicine to private equity and sustainability investments showcases the importance of embracing discomfort and challenging the norm. Mirai’s ability to connect her diverse experiences and backgrounds led her to a fulfilling career.

Finding Purpose in Discomfort

Dr. Anthony Webb shared a deeply personal story of overcoming adversity. His moment of awakening, triggered by the sound of a bird, inspired him to seek answers to life’s profound questions. Through self-discovery and learning, he found the strength to turn his life around.

Leading with Love and Compassion

Dr. Webb’s journey is a testament to leading with love and compassion. Even when faced with despair, he discovered that kindness and empathy can transform lives. His story reminds us that gratitude and a sense of purpose are essential for mental health and fulfillment.


Today’s graduates are not just recipients of degrees; they are the architects of their futures. Their journeys, like Mirai’s and Dr. Webb’s, teach us that the path to success is rarely linear. It involves embracing discomfort, challenging the norm, and leading with love and compassion. As we celebrate these remarkable graduates, let their stories be a source of inspiration for all of us, reminding us that our potential is boundless when we unlock the power within. Congratulations to the graduates of 2023, and may your future be filled with purpose, resilience, and boundless success.

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