So, you’ve got an undergraduate degree and an MBA. Is it time for you to take your business education to the next level with a PhD in Management?

Earning a PhD in Management is no easy feat, but the results can be life-changing. As the highest level possible in education, it is a symbol of dedication and expertise that is highly valued by employers. 

Benefits range from combining the course with your current lifestyle, networking with leading business people, and of course, developing as a professional in the world of business.

If you’re considering taking a doctorate-level degree either now or in the future, check out our top seven reasons you should study a PhD in Management.

A 21st-century degree that works around your schedule

The Swiss School of Business Research offers 360-degree flexibility that falls under three main categories.

  1. Rolling intakes
  2. Online classrooms
  3. Flexible working schedule 

Rolling intakes mean you can start studying when it suits you and not wait half a year to begin. Our Admissions Team is always on hand to offer guidance and we have worked hard to make our admissions process as efficient as possible.

As a 100% online school, we are experts in remote learning. We use virtual classroom lectures, webinars, and tutorials to guide your studies and our 24/7 support is available for any technical issues.

Studying a PhD online is seriously beneficial to candidates who can’t study on-campus due to family and job commitments. And because of our remote classroom, candidates don’t have to invest in moving to another country for three years.

Business PhDs are not the kind of thing you can do in one weekend–especially if you’re working full time. With up to three years of studies, a flexible working schedule is one of the most important factors when choosing a degree. The Swiss School of Business Research lets you control your own schedule, so you can study–and finish–whenever you’re ready.

A PhD in Business that works to your agenda

Now more than ever, flexibility is a major factor in choosing a PhD in Business

Choose your own business specialization

Unlike a one-size-fits-all undergraduate degree, PhD candidates choose their own area of specialization. In most cases, you will choose something that is relevant to your career–maybe you have a business issue you need to resolve, or an untouched area to explore.

Your research can be aimed at any number of specializations, from finance and economics to leadership and organizational change–the choice is all yours. 

If you’re already blazing a trail in marketing, you can focus on how to take advantage of new technologies. Or if your focus is on leadership, you could investigate ways to streamline business processes or build a winning team.

A PhD in Management with a practical focus

Academic PhDs have their place, but in business, putting theory into practise is the name of the game. PhDs at the Swiss School of Business Research combine theory and practise, so you can back up your knowledge with real-life cases.

Practical learning gives future employers or investors clear examples of your work, and the confidence to put their trust in you. 

But it’s not all about showing your skills to others. The practical knowledge you gain personally gives you the self-belief to be decisive in your work.

Dedicated advisors and professional networking

Although almost all of your studies take place outside the classroom, a well-designed PhD in Business will give you reliable and constructive communication with an experienced advisor. We match you up with the best advisors in your field of study so they can guide you through your project. 

With your advisor, you will collaborate on research, advance your presentation and pitching techniques, and even co-publish work. Business relationships between student and advisor can go above and beyond the degree itself and turn into professional opportunities during and after your studies.

Man standing alone on mountain

A PhD puts you among the leading references in your chosen field of business.

Standing out from the crowd

Looking to the future, what are the benefits of a Business PhD?

As with any doctorate-level degree, the main objective is to explore the unexplored and gain unique insights in your chosen subject. Advanced studies take you off the beaten track and open up innovative areas that even MBAs cannot reach. 

Your studies, combined with the input from your advisor, will set you apart in your field, giving you the recognition and confidence to lead businesses. 

Boost your salary and job expectations

It’s only fair that if you have a unique skill set, your salary should reflect that. PhD graduates on average earn more than those with a master’s degree across all industries, so it is a smart move to get paid more. In addition, the know-how you gain throughout your degree can open up your eyes to opportunities you wouldn’t have seen possible previously.

Professor teaching students on computer

PhD graduates often move into teaching roles at leading business schools and universities

A PhD in Management with vast opportunities

One transferable skill that is essential in the 21st century is adaptability. Being able to apply your skills to the public and private sector, as well as the business and academic worlds, is a huge bonus. 

A PhD in Business Management is a great way to make yourself future-proof. Your theoretical and practical education can be applied to all kinds of industries. 

Many PhD graduates move into teaching later in their careers as a way of slowing down, while still earning a good salary. As a professor, you can guide future students using your own expertise and become a world-renowned authority in your field. 

What’s more, academics opens up a new branch of networking opportunities by combining some of the leading business minds across all areas of business.

In summary

If you want to boost your career and become a recognized expert in your industry, a PhD in Management is a solid choice. Entrepreneurs can launch their own ventures with confidence, and intrapreneurs can drive businesses forward. 

The blend of distance learning, a personal advisor, and flexibility mean that if you have the dedication, the world is your oyster. 

If you’d like to discuss your options with the Admissions Team at the Swiss School of Business Research, get in contact via WhatsApp.

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