Powerful goals

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“Norman Anderson’s ‘Powerful Goals’ is a practical guide for financial success. Drawing from his experience as a business consultant, he offers an innovative formula combining leadership, management, and motivation. The book covers financial goal setting, marketing strategies, and leadership, making it ideal for entrepreneurs and business leaders. With practical advice and case studies, Anderson’s approach is motivational and valuable for optimizing business operations and profits.”



“Powerful Goals” by Norman Anderson is an insightful and pragmatic guide focused on achieving financial success through goal-setting and strategic planning. Anderson, leveraging his expertise as a business consultant, presents an innovative formula that integrates effective leadership, business management, and advanced motivation techniques. The book is methodically structured, covering aspects like financial goal setting, innovative marketing strategies, and leadership for financial growth. It’s particularly useful for entrepreneurs and business leaders, offering practical advice, case studies, and strategies for setting and achieving impactful financial goals. Anderson’s approach is both motivational and practical, making it a valuable resource for anyone aiming to optimize their business operations and maximize profits.


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