Building Organisational Leadership

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Dr. Chaitanya Niphadkar’s ‘Building Organizational Leadership’ offers a comprehensive exploration of leadership in organizations. The book combines theory and practical insights to highlight the importance of learning and development interventions in leadership. Dr. Niphadkar’s structured approach, informed by his expertise in HR and organizational behavior, guides readers through topics like transforming into a learning organization, training, valuing leadership, and improving performance. The book’s unique perspective, particularly the concept of ‘Champ Performers,’ adds practical relevance. It’s a valuable resource for professionals, academics, and students interested in organizational leadership and development.



“Building Organizational Leadership” by Dr. Chaitanya Niphadkar is an insightful and comprehensive exploration of leadership in the organizational context. The book meticulously delves into various aspects of organizational leadership, emphasizing the significance of learning and development interventions. It stands out for its holistic approach, blending theoretical insights with practical applications.

Dr. Niphadkar’s expertise in the field is evident in his structured and analytical treatment of the subject. He systematically navigates through the intricacies of transforming into a learning organization, the importance of training, understanding and valuing leadership, and improving organizational performance. Each chapter builds upon the previous, offering a progressive roadmap towards cultivating effective leadership within organizations.

The author’s unique perspective, drawn from his extensive experience in human resource development and organizational behavior, provides a fresh and practical approach to understanding leadership. His discussion on developing ‘Champ Performers’ through leadership development programs is particularly noteworthy for its originality and practical relevance.

Overall, “Building Organizational Leadership” is a valuable resource for anyone interested in understanding the dynamics of leadership within organizations. It is both a theoretical guide and a practical handbook, making it ideal for professionals, academics, and students alike. The book’s practical approach, coupled with Dr. Niphadkar’s rich experience and insightful analyses, makes it a noteworthy contribution to the field of organizational leadership and development.


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