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​​​An online educational platform that helps you discover and develop business, technology-related, and creative skills through expert-led course videos. With more than 16,000 learning courses in 7 languages and personalized recommendations, you can discover, complete, and track courses related to your field and interests.

This e-learning platform can be accessed both online and offline via any device. Users can also choose to add these courses and related skills to their LinkedIn profile once completed.​

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LinkedIn Learning Pathways

What are LinkedIn Learning Pathways?


LinkedIn Learning Pathways

Swiss School of Business Research and LinkedIn Learning have partnered to provide you with the opportunity to gain credit for your existing studies with LinkedIn Learning. SSBR has a number of masters degrees, as outlined, where we’ve mapped LinkedIn Learning to our course materials.

In order to gain credit, you need to demonstrate that you are able to absorb the learning within these pathways and apply it in a short assessment that you’re expected to submit alongside your application to study for your master’s degree. When you do this, we will check your existing qualifications and experience as normal and we will also check your assessment, to ensure that you have demonstrated you’ve gained the learning within the pathways you have studied. If you demonstrate this, we will then give you credit within your master’s degree which means you have an exemption from studying one of your master’s modules and can focus on completing the remainder of your degree.

How does it work?

1.    Complete your Learning Path(s) on LinkedIn Learning.

2.    Click on the relevant course from the list below to find out what assessment is required.

3.    Read the academic writing guidance.

4.    Complete the required assessment.

5.    Apply for your course, submitting your assessment using the rich texture file for your course (available in the links below) and your completed LinkedIn Learning Path certifications for all the required Learning Paths.

6.    Your application and assessment will then be checked. If both are suitable, your LinkedIn Learning will be recognised as equivalent to 5 academic credits (ECTS) towards your course of study.

Terms and Conditions

Provided that a Learning Path does not fundamentally alter its learning outcome during the term, and subject always to the relevant academic program remaining available, the Learning Paths that qualify for credit shall qualify for Credit subject to successful completion of the associated assessment. Standard application requirements apply, applicants must be eligible for their course and successfully complete the required assessment before application to obtain credit. LinkedIn members may also be required to present their LinkedIn Learning certificates to obtain credit. Assessments shall remain valid for as long as the Learning Path qualifies for credit unless replaced by another assessment, and/or provided that a Learning Path does not fundamentally alter its learning outcome during the Term. Swiss School of Business Research may directly require payment from members taking an assessment, as long as such payment is solely used to cover costs associated with carrying out the assessment and not for profit. Once a LinkedIn member produces a certificate and passes an assessment, they shall receive timely communication from Swiss School of Business Research confirming that they have received credit that can be used upon enrollment with the University’s listed academic programs. In the event that an academic program associated with an approved Learning Path is withdrawn or significantly amended, Swiss School of Business Research shall, as far as reasonably practicable, identify alternative options for credit to be awarded, but for the avoidance of doubt, shall be under no obligation to run the academic program as originally planned.

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Student Development Fund

The Dean’s Office provides limited funding for students to present at conferences and regional professional meetings. In order to apply for funding, a faculty member must submit an application on the student’s behalf. 

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